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Beyond Suzuki for Cello

How to play cello even better

We have created this part of the site to complement and even go beyond what is taught with the Suzuki books.  This Section will list a selection of books that will enable you to become a complete cello player.

Beginner to intermediate level:


1.The Sassmannshaus Tradition, Early Start on the Cello, Vol. 1-4

2. Position Pieces for Cello

3. Double Stops for Cello

4. Position Pieces for Cello Book 2

5. Thumb Position for Cello Book 1

6. Learning the Tenor Clef (Cello)

7. Intermediate Etudes in the Positions for Cello

8. Technical Studies for Cello Vol. 1

9. Technical Studies for Cello Vol.2

Advanced Level:

  1. Violincello Technique

2. An Organized Method of String Playing by Janos Starker

3. 40 Studies – High School of Cello Playing, OP 73 by David Popper

4. 12 Caprices of Cello

5. The Ivan Galamian Scale System for Violoncello Arranged by Hans Joergen Jensen

6. Changing the Positions by Sevcik

7. Studies For Development Of Agility Of Fingers by Cossman