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Suzuki Book 1 Cello – The Happy Farmer From Album For The Young, Op. 68, No. 10 – Schumann


15. The Happy Farmer
R. Schumann

Suzuki Cello Book 1

Cellist: Andrew Clement

This is for educational purposes only! This is purely intended to help those that are looking for example videos of cello pieces and etudes.

I do not claim to own this piece.


  1. This is my solo and it’s been a major pain to play it, seeing as I’m only a
    beginner, but hopefully I can play it seccessfuly.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your talent so that others can learn to play
    also.God Bless you and keep on keepin’ on !!

  3. thanks for helping me an almost this whole suzuki book I owe you one I hope
    you read this

  4. It would be awesome to see you move slightly with the music. Lynn Harrell
    and Jacqueline du pre move somewhat leaning forward, etc. Other cellist
    play with less movement. If you decide you wanted to try leaning into the
    cello, you might notice a different sound to your playing. Great playing!

  5. Hello , often accompany with his cello channel to improve my studies. I
    want to know what are the strings used in your instrument and what are the
    strings of brands recommended .



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