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Suzuki Book 10 Cello – Rondo – Allegro


This video is a reference demonstration for my students and other beginning cello players . The music can be found in “Suzuki Cello School” Volume 4.

Cello: Rachel Xu
Piano: Carol Masinter
Sept. 10. 2012


  1. you are great and talented and thanks for the videos. I do wish that you
    would follow the dynamics in the music–that would make it easier to follow

  2. Bravo. I’m learning playing the cello. Your videos are very helpful. Thank
    you so much. I envy you, your skill, your soul. your playing technics. I
    want to be a good player like you.

  3. I am going to be joining a music honors society on 11/28 this year. I was
    going to do the Allegro Appassionato by Saint Saëns, but my teacher
    insisted I do the first movement from this sonata. To me, it’s way too
    easy, so… PLOT TWIST!!! I will play the sonata, but it will be this
    movement, not the Allegro.

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