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Suzuki Book 2 Cello – March In G – Bach


Keenan playing the March in G from Suzuki cello book 2 with Daddy at the piano. I recorded this only 4 days after he started learning this song!
Keenan is 5.5 and has been playing cello for a little more than a year.


  1. My B.A. in Music and M.A. in Music Education doesn’t have anything on your
    son’s talent on the cello. Thank you for this video. Justice Constantine

  2. @jarry161290 Yes, he plays from memory. When he was playing in book 2 he
    could not read much music at all. He is now almost out of Suzuki cello book
    3 and is finally starting to catch up on reading! He loves to play his
    cello, seems to have an amazing musical memory, but refused to learn to
    read music for the longest time. The last couple of months or so that
    finally changed and he’s eager to learn to read too. He still memorizes
    pieces very quickly though.

  3. Holy smokes, look at ’em go! OOooOOoo looks like a lil monkey! But
    seriously, that is one gifted child you have there. 

  4. Thanks. 2 years later, at nearly 8 years old, he just finished Suzuki cello
    book 8. We’re very proud of all his hard work.

  5. I am 45 and am 3 years into the cello. I am just learning this song,(about
    2 weeks in) and I dont sound anywhere near as good. I look forward to
    seeing him in concert in a year or two with the BSO or something. Great

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