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Suzuki Book 2 Cello -Musette From English Suite No. 3 – Bach


Drew Alexander Forde performs the Bourrée movements of Bach Cello Suite No.3 in C Major.


  1. OMG- What a wonderful inspiration for youngsters… my son will LOVE
    watching you! Thanks so much for sharing your music!!! YAY!

  2. the great instrument in right hands
    regards from Poland
    i’m a admirer your Juilliards vlogs

  3. I am learning this piece now so it is so helpful to watch you play –
    question: is it really easier to play a more expensive viola? Who is the
    maker of your viola?

  4. After playing the Violin for five years, and the Cello for a year, you’d
    think I would’ve realized how beautiful the Viola sounds by now. I guess
    they were just never in the right hands. You play beautifully, and now I
    want to go buy a Viola and start learning.

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