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Suzuki Book 3 Cello – Minuet – Boccherini


Cello Lessons Suzuki Book 3


  1. Oh my goodness this helped so much. I went from knowing nothing to making
    it sound like an actual song.

  2. thank you for posting this! it helped a lot! i learned this piece before
    january and it still remains one of my favourites. good job! and great

  3. Thanks sooo much, I practically jumped from grade 1 to 5 and this has
    helped so much getting the technique right!

  4. Suggestion: your opens are really whistling. This piece is GREAT for
    teaching a student how to start sounds well.

  5. But I neglected to say it’s awesome you put this up because I’m always
    telling kids to looks up and listen to different versions of pieces/ songs!

  6. hola me gusta tu trabajo pero quisiera que le pusieras subtitulos a lo que
    dices ya que no comprendo tu idioma :c

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