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Suzuki Book 3 Cello -Minuet In G – Beethoven


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Performed by Emergence Quartet, period instrument string quartet, in Barre, MA on November 13, 2016 in a program of Beethoven op. 18, Vanhal, and Jadin.

Emily Dahl and Lisa Goddard, violins
Zoe Kemmerling, viola
Emily Davidson, cello

Emergence Quartet is a period instrument string quartet. Learn the difference between baroque and modern instruments here:

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  1. Hi, Emily, why do you not playing Handel’s pieces? it’s really charming
    music, and very suitable for you. In origin, music of America it is music
    of street, Broadway, jazz etc, it’s like feeling of music that is
    everywhere, music of ordinary people, music from many colored folklore.
    It’s very exciting to observe that basic layer of American music. But you
    have knowledge about music much more than just ordinary music, anyway
    though you live inside it with ordinary people and you can exalted yourself
    because having deeper knowledge, and that exactly what had had Händel in
    London. Use this opportunity and be happy.

  2. Terrific! Now, can each of you raise you eyes from the music and watch what
    is going on with the other players? Every attack must be explosive whether
    p or f, right on the money. This is a fine point, but all 4 of your bow
    hands must coordinate as one.

  3. Well done Emily ..thanks that was great …pity there were not so many
    people there .. :)

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