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Suzuki Book 4 Cello – Minuets, Suite In G Major, – Bach


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The Bach Cello Suites are some of the most popular pieces for cello ever written. Here’s my version of the Minuets from the first suite, played on baroque cello (with baroque bow and gut strings). These Minuets are also found in Suzuki Book 4.

Learn more the difference between baroque and modern instruments here:

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My gut strings are made by Damian Dlugolecki. They are the most stable strings I’ve found, being able to handle weather changes better than others, with great tone and resonance. You can order from him at

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Emily Davidson, baroque cello


  1. Oh, dear Emily, but why is it so fast, so hard play Bach on cello, much
    much easier Bach on keyboard, why it is not keyboard, but because of you,
    because you love this instrument, and this love is running before a train,
    as we saying in Russia. True love in music must be to Bach, just imagine,
    such a GREAT person in music like Bach, but have a look inside his music
    what we can find there, very much, treasure for every man, but what
    exactly? First it is WTC 1, 2 for his kids, but if remember complexity of
    Bach music, it’s fullness and completely natural, then this not only for
    his kids, but also for kids that live inside us, and when you’re playing
    this music you must be open this child to Bach, because he knows what it
    is, and then you not shying at all. Next it’s English and French Suites,
    Bach composed this for his family, but it also very sweet moment of our
    family, it’s best music to play for your family members. And finally not
    keyboard suite, like a cello suite, oh, for what purpose Bach composed
    this, very very interesting? Because he loves his wife, and open this love
    to us through she, she writes manuscript to us, through her come to us love
    feeling of godly music, because women have message from God about his love
    to men, and Bach read it to us. And now you Emily read this message to us.
    And your reading indeed too fast, because you woman so so beautiful and
    your life passed so swiftly that we men never can fully understand this
    message from God, alas.

  2. Thank you. I am learning (struggling with) this piece, and it is always
    helpful to listen to recordings by established performers, such as you, to
    help me turn what I now play as a collection of notes into actual music :-)

  3. I remember playing these for the grade 6 exam back in 2010. What strikes me
    about Bach on the whole is that his music is so simple yet so fiendishly
    difficult to play! I like the ornamentations you added as it never occured
    to me to do that :-).

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