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Suzuki Book 7 Cello – Bourrees, From Suite In C Major, BVW 1009 – Bach


Musipire Prestige Student Iris Wu at 7 years old performed this J.S. Bach – Cello Suite No. 3 in C major BWV 1009, Bourree for us. Piano accompaniment by Mr. Wei Chiu. Iris Wu is a very self-motivated girl. During the lesson, if she make some mistakes or if she can not achieve what the teacher expect her to do, she usually will get upset herself. We would like to thank her parents for instilling such good drive into little Iris and we at Musipire certainly felt her parents’ trust and support! Lastly, thank you our youtuber for loving Musipire so much!!


  1. My name is also Iris Wu!!! And I’m also learning violin!! But I’m 17 and
    I’m not good at it XD

  2. keep practicing and you’ll be better than you already are! please share
    your violin videos with us, too :)

  3. Your videos are created with such interesting features and the way your
    students present themselves through music is truly amazing.

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