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Double Bass Practice Tips – The D Major Scale


Hey guys, this lesson explains how to play a one octave D major Scale on the Upright/Double Bass. The included practice advice (learning shifts separately, isolating 3-4 note sections, checking intonation with open strings, calling notes out) will give you a great insight into how to learn this scale.
There’s a very useful finger pattern that emerges from this scale, so please watch to the end where it is discussed.
After decades of playing professionally, i have recently had lessons with one of the worlds greatest Classical Double Bassists. Having studied with him opened up my technique and understanding of the bass at an extreme level!! This lesson on the D major scale reflects on what he’s been teaching me and i hope you’ll find it just as useful as i do…
Enjoy the hang with us here at zoltansbasslounge…
Best wishes,

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