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Meadowmount School Of Music


Why did we include Meadowmount School of Music?

Meadowmount School of Music Review by String Students

If you’ve reached this section of String Students and have mastered every Suzuki Book for your instrument then congratulations!  If you finished all the Suzuki Books and numerous music books that teach you etudes, fingerings, and other techniques you are a serious student.  The serious type of music student that we here at StringStudents.com made this site for.  Through all the countless hours that you practiced and all the times, you wanted to go out and couldn’t because you wanted to be the best you can be.  This is where everything finally pays off.

Meadowmount School of Music is the premier Music Festival for the most talented young string players and pianists in the world.  There are numerous music “camps” and festivals around the US and the world.  Such as The Tanglewood Institute, Summit Music Festival, Indiana University Music Clinic and many more here.  It is very competitive and only selects the best of the best.

The Meadowmount School of Music Program

Meadowmount was started in 1944 for young musicians training to be professionals.  The Program lasts for seven weeks in upstate NY.  There are only approximately 200 students selected every summer.  The Meadowmount School of Music Program has lasted so long and gotten so famous because of the teaching methods that are still employed.  A teaching method started by its founder, Ivan Galamian.


Success is in the Alumnus

How good anything is, really depends on the proof.  As they say proof is in the pudding.  The pudding is pretty good with a who’s who of the best in the classical music world.  Here are just a few of the alumni’s.  See if you recognize some of the names.

  • Stephanie Chase
  • Kyung-wha Chung
  • Lynn Harrell
  • Chin Kim
  • Yo-Yo Ma
  • Itzhak Perlman
  • Michael Rabin
  • Alexander Rybak
  • Joshua Bell
Should you apply

If after watching some of these videos and you think you are good enough go to their site and fill out their application.  You will have to send in some videos with the application.  You will find info on tuition, scholarships and more.  To get all the information go here.

If you do apply and make it please leave a comment on our facebook page!