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How one Cellist Knew when He Wanted to be a Cellist


Do musician’s have that Eureka moment?


Everyone who’s picked up an instrument must have thoughts about becoming a professional musician.  While you’re sitting there practicing everyday, looking at the music on the stand.  Learning to play the cello.  Learning to play the violin.  Learning how to play the viola and learning how to play the double bass.

Time ticking by…

Tick… tick… tick…  Why is the clock going sooooo slow today?

BOOM!!!  Wait a minute you say to yourself shrieking in utter amazement, “Do I have what it takes to become a pro?”  “Am I good enough?”  You can admit it, everyone has done it.

A Real Story from a Real Musician

Here is the amazing story from one person who is making it today and what he did it to make it happen!

The musician is Nathan Chan and read his own words:

“The thought that the cello could be my career materialized years later at age 11 when I had an epiphany about its intrinsic value as a communication tool. This realization only occurred after I was fortunate enough to be a part of an HBO TV series called “The Music in Me”. I auditioned for the show via video (which I produced myself on iMovie!) and was asked not only to play the cello, but also to speak a bit about myself. I later asked the show’s producer Leslie Stifelman why I was chosen among the 500+ applicants, and she said that I had the ability to inspire others through the communication in my playing instead of scaring off or dominating via technical ability.”

Read his full story on his blog at nathanchancello.com

Watch the video that made Nathan famous below.

To read more about Nathan check out his Wiki.  I’ve followed him on Instagram as well.

This is an inspiring story that anyone can relate to in any field.  Please let us know what you think by commenting on our Facebook page.