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Hallelujah – Live Symphony & Choir – Feat. 16 Yr. Old McKenna Breinholt

Hallelujah - Live Symphony & Choir - Feat. 16 Yr. Old McKenna Breinholt



  1. one day you & Clapton will play before God & I will be watching you do this also Johnson

  2. This is the most beautiful cover of hallelujah I’ve seen. I almost cried. This is truly a masterpiece

  3. Love the orchestration…love the choir…Too bad the singer was a simple generic homogeneous vocalist who, while singing pretty, never grasped the emotion of the song she was performing. A pretty voice doesn’t always lead to a great vocal performance.

    You want heart? Listen to k.d. laing’s rendition. You’ll sit in tears at the end.

  4. I don,t think this is bad at all but it lacks the power that I normally feel when I listen to this song

  5. This is absolutely beautiful! The best arrangement and performance! McKenna was good but I think that the whole thing is magnificent more because of the arrangement, the orchestra, the choir and the conductor than the girl.

  6. I love this song a lot. I was so excited to check the symphony and choir. There were so amazing.. BUT THE SINGER, IM SO DISAPPOINTED WITH THE STYLE SHE DID. IT HURTS A LOT TO HEAR THE GREAT VOICES FROM THE CHOIR AND THE INSTRUMENTS WHILE THE SINGER JUST SANG IT LIKE … oh forgive me but im just so sad about this.

  7. Te gusta la musica comun y sencilla….pero seguis buscando toda la vida algo mejor para escuchar pasas x varios generos y sin querer un dia…terminas deleitandote con musica clasica…aleluya!!

  8. ¡ ALELUYA !
    Señor, estás conmigo,
    converso día a día
    confío en tu llamada,
    porque después señor, siempre te tengo.
    Miro ese sol que tus brazos abiertos me concede,
    ese cielo entre flores en místico jardín de estrellas,
    cuando sale la luna te escondes entre ellas
    y tan sólo señor, tu corona aparece
    tan brillante entre la oscura noche,
    la corona se mece entre tu largo pelo,
    las espinas resplandecen en platino macizo,
    a la vez sujeta entre la frente abarca el cielo.
    Ese cielo que nos abres la puerta cada día,
    donde ahí nos esperas con ternura.
    Señor, que siendo tuya
    también es la mía y la de todos.
    Autora: Marina Pastor Diez

  9. Is so preety this song, she have a amazing voice! Very nice interptation by original. I love you so much !

  10. Whenever I played this song in the car my three year old daughter used to yell out “SHREK, SHREK, it’s SHREK daddy” oh the memories, she is now 17.

  11. You have a really beautiful voice no offense but you sung it pretty fast but you did super good keep it up don’t get me wrong you have a really beautiful voice

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