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Suzuki Book 1 Viola – Minuet 2 – Bach


Quick play-through followed by slower play-through.


  1. How do you know where to do a vibrato? Is it normal that I am still unable
    to make a decent vibrato…?

  2. Sounds so good~. Violin level goals.
    I’ve only been playing since the fall time.. around oct. Can’t wait to get
    better to sound this good.

  3. I can’t see the fingering in your videos. Most violin videos have the same
    problems. Easy to see the bowing but can’t see the fingering or note
    placement. ah well…

  4. A word of advice: nobody wants to hear a bunch of blabla at the beginning
    of your video.

  5. gracias por compartir, y enseñar, gracias por la paciencia y la didactica,
    me apoyo mucho en su videos gracias.

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