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Suzuki Book 2 Viola -Gavotte – Lully


Folia – Variations by
Arcangelo Corelli, Alessandro Scarlatti and Marin Marais
Jakob David Rattinger – Viola da Gamba & dir.
Lina Tur Bonet – Baroque Violin
Nadja Lesaulnier – Harpsichord

Cinematographer: Stefano Pancaldi
Tonmeister: Andreas Ziegler
Editor: Lukas Kogler

Director: Klaus Feichtenberger
Production: dreiD.at


  1. мне не понравилось.только начало хорошое.велончелист хорошый.

  2. I found the performance little tough on the edge..I am a violinist my self
    ..may be they should keep it smother …too emotions involved in the
    performance…but that’s just me..

  3. I’m wondering what would Corelli, Vivaldi and so on have thought if they
    had listened to this version.

    I’m sure they would understand that something’s very different.


  4. Magnifico e originale mix “Corelli-Scarlatti-Marais” per un tema musicale
    diffuso per secoli in tutta Europa. Grande esecuzione…

  5. i came by a comment on youtube which said that metal music came from
    baroque music… can anyone tell me how.. plz

  6. La Folia is a dance Spanish and Portuguese, Marin Marais Folies d´Espagne-
    Folias of Spain, Antonio Martín y Coll or Gaspar Sanz.

  7. Wow!! Loved the music. The harpsichordist is pretty.. The Violinist is
    Beautiful. I now have a major crush on her.

  8. danm that was quite a shock like totally not gonna be anything difrent
    whilst reading these comments right?nope the song just burst into flames Xd
    (im here bcuz ov homework)

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