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Suzuki Book 4 Viola – Concerto No. 5, 1st Mvt. Allegro Moderato – Seitz


This video is a reference demonstration for my students and other beginning cello players . The music can be found in “Suzuki Cello School” Volume 4.

Cello: Rachel Xu
Piano: Carol Masinter
Sept. 10. 2012


  1. This is amazing, I really enjoyed it! c: I’m playing this solo and this is
    a great reference. Thank you.

  2. The new Suzuki cello book volume 4 does not have this song in it, so don’t
    get it if you want this sheet music.

  3. Hello, i dowloaded suzuki volume 4 and 5 but i couldn’t find this piece on
    the methods, so if you could help me with the sheets i’d really aprecciate
    it, please help! I need this piece for school, thanks!
    You’ve made

  4. Thank you for the demonstration. It’s very helpful. I am working on this
    piece this week. As a demonstration to students, what level is this piece?
    How many years experience should one have to approach it? The 16th note
    runs at the end are difficult for me. Regards.

  5. Oh it’s a good music but you play this
    music so this music is more good and
    wonderful.I saw this video more than
    50 times!It’s real!And I’m Korean!

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