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Sarah Chang plays Sibelius Violin Concerto in D minor (full)

1. Allegro Moderato – 1:07
2. Adagio di molto – 17:18
3. Allegro, ma non tanto – 25:09


Have been listening to this performance again and again. Just realized quite a few people think her 3rd movement is not good. That’s so natural. I listened to some other great violinists playing this. David Oistrakh might be able to satisfy most of critics. But Sarah “totally out of tune”, given those few notes played a bit off? Sarah’s performance flows, which to me an evidence of hard work. Can someone really be able to “fake” through a technically demanding piece like this? I wish I could. She does play a bit like a bulldozer, which makes her performance disliked by some but at the same time liked by some others.It’s not that she didn’t understand, but rather she had a different understanding, when she renders some pieces in a beautiful way but this one in such
It’s gonna take me a while to catch my breath