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Suzuki Book 3 Violin – Bourree – Bach


top fingerings. This video is a selection from my Suzuki Book 3 online lessons. The full course includes slow, medium, and fast playalongs of this and every other song in Suzuki Book 3. And piano accompaniments. Check it out right here:


  1. this is really helpful! i’m 23 and i’m finishing book 3, you play amazing!
    Cheers from Argentina!

  2. Thank you so much it’s was so helpful for me I finished the 3rd book im
    gonna Start in the 4th book but first thing can I ask you !!
    There is some teachers saying Suzuki books not good for teaching !!!!
    I,m just little piit confuse because I started and I can’t change so I
    wanted to ask you what you think about Suzuki books ?

  3. That was lovely! 🙂 I was slightly confused though, because there are parts
    in that song that you play differently from what my music says. Maybe I
    have the older version of the Suzuki book…

  4. I’m gonna play this piece this coming Tuesday. Can’t calm my nerves. Hope
    they don’t get in my way.

  5. This was very helpful,but I wish you had a slow play version.I am a
    3rd.year student. And,at 72 years old i have to go slow for some time .

  6. im learning this piece just now…for me, its quite hard though to do more
    than one string at once. i never do that in my last song. this is so
    helpful for me. although im still doing the slow one.

  7. Doing this for Classical guitar and found this Violin version of the piece.
    Pretty different! But great performance!

  8. I played this when I was 9/10 and am playing the Bach double currently. I
    am replaying this song for MS Solo and ensemble this Saturday. This video
    was a huge help! Thank you so much!

  9. I’m learning the piece now and I didn’t really understand how the double
    strings were meant to sound in the piece- I can do them just not properly
    attached to the rest of the piece so this video has really helped!

  10. im learning this song for a small presentation and step by step im
    mastering the song but the final part that sound about the minute 3:00 is
    not in my partiture so i wonder if is part of the song and my sheet is
    incomplete or if you add that final part before repeating one final time
    the two first systems.

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