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Suzuki Book 3 Violin – Gavotte – Becker


Introductory comments and play-through (starts at 1:25) of the Gavotte by Becker in Suzuki Violin School Book 3.


  1. I always loved your violin skills!!! I dont think you remember me, but my
    next song is this and im practicing by watching your videos, once again you
    are really good!! But do you have a video of “Humoresque A. Dvorak”? If you
    can, plz post it so we can all see it:)

  2. Please help! My teacher tells me my bow is like window wipers and I should
    keep it at a right angle and straight at all times. Any tips to help me?

  3. thank you so much! i have my lesson tomorrow and i totally didnt recall the
    “trio-esque” part, which begins at 2:26

  4. @olebeady – I don’t really. In my performing life, I frequently change
    bowings from what is written if I think something else suits the
    performance better. So when I come back to teaching I have to be careful to
    play exactly what’s in the music – otherwise it’s very confusing for

  5. Your teaching is very easy to understand! Thank you for spending the time
    to post this vid! :D

  6. I’m working on this song!! It gets a little hard at some points, but I
    really like it!!! 

  7. It’s not. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it! I am having a hard time
    with this too! :)

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making so much videos and taking your time to answer
    so many questions no matter how long ago it was asked. Also, thank you for
    sharing your opinions an the countless songs you play and playing it slow
    and fast for the beginners and the more advanced players. Oh, and THANKS SO
    MUCH for not being those who go: “And be sure to remember to subscribe to
    my channel”.

  9. es hermoso como tocas pero es que en esta cancion necesito la explicacion
    por favor…

  10. Las explicaciones son en el “practice video”. El “play-through video” es la
    práctica de jugar a través después de aprender la pieza.

  11. Can I say how much I love your videos?? They’ve been “approved” by our
    instructor and help my daughter learn songs. She learns by ear so much
    easier. I love the explanations for the song and when you point out the
    tricky parts. Suzuki mothers thank you.

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