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Suzuki Book 3 Violin – Minuet – Bach


This is a teaching video to learn the middle section of this Minuet. The first part of this is exactly the same as it was at the end of Suzuki Book 1. Make sure you’re playing the part of Minuet that you already know really nicely – 0:35, then work on the new minor section here – 4:20.


  1. Allyson… thank you for teaching this piece. I learned a lot from you and
    still in learning process. Any how I performed minuet 3 in the mini concert
    by my music academy. I have sent you the video. thank you so much. Still a
    lot to improve. 🙂 

  2. I have played alto since 19 and ????? and bass guitar for 14 yrs starting
    violin has been a challenge but with your help it has been very helpful and
    gratifying . Allyson you are grreat I am glad I have u when ever I want
    you. I am starting to NOT sound like a screaming cat.LOL 🙂 Cat wait to
    purrrr. Thank you.

  3. Dear Alyson

    Have you Done A Practice Video for.. BOUREE song 7 in Suzuki Book Three (3)

    I cannot Find it on your Your UTUBE channel.

    An Important Question arises.

    In BAR 3. there is a TRILL. on a Three Voice Chord.

    I need communications on HOW and Why the Three Voice Trill is performed.

    Please explain how it’s Played.

    Thank you in advance for a response.
    7th December 2014

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