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Suzuki Book 1 Violin – Minuet 1


Learning/practice clip; I talk you through some of the issues, then do a slow play-through for learning.


  1. Thank you so much Allyson, This is very useful to me 🙂 I am learning at
    the Cairo Opera House & Usually check your videos, you are amazing in
    teaching 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Hey Ms. Allyson, I have my own teacher, but your videos help me a lot when
    I practice. Thanks for posting these videos. 

  3. Thank you very much! You are like my teacher,but on the computer! I have
    been playing for about 2 years now so should i start learning vabrato?

  4. I usually teach vibrato when students are in book 4, but some teachers
    start very early. What does your teacher think?

  5. I have a question in this piece where you leave 3 down and place 4 (about
    8:43 on this video). This stretch between the 3rd and 4th fingers is SO
    hard for my 54-year old hands. Will it get better? I think my pinky reach
    is OK as long as my 3rd finger isn’t placed on another string. Is it
    essential to keep that 3 down? 

  6. It’s important to use the placement of the prior finger to correctly place
    a subsequent finger – always! I allow the 1st and maybe 2nd fingers to rise
    up above their normal location. If the 3rd stays down, it serves as a
    fulcrum for a bit of a pivot and you can get safely back after. The other
    thing is to bring the thumb right down under the neck for this, which gives
    you an extra 1/2 inch easily. It can go back later – it should be loose
    enough to move when needed. Good luck!

  7. Thanks for the quick response! I’ve noticed that it really helps to move my
    thumb, but is it OK for the thumb to move from the first tape toward the
    3rd finger (classical guitar style), or only to the back of the 1st tape?

  8. Thumbs want to move up to be across from the 2nd or 3rd finger for one
    reason only and that is to clutch/squeeze more effectively! So don’t let
    it. Keep it back across from the 1st finger, and with a slight bump in the
    thumb (indicates absence of direct pressure being exerted!). It should be
    loose, so that you can slide it up or (more likely) down as you need to
    move your fingers around. People with large hands don’t generally do this,
    but the rest of us do!

  9. Thank you for your excellent videos is a pleasure to study with you to the
    music and through social networks comes home to many people and play the
    notes in the heart. From Guadalajara Mexico …….Gracias por sus
    excelentes vídeos es un placer estudiar con usted con la música y a través
    de las redes sociales llega a la casa de mucha gente y tocar las notas en
    el corazón saludos desde Guadalajara México.

  10. I have one question, where it says that you need to keep your 3rd finger
    down on the A string but your bowing on the E string with your 4th finger
    and then you lift up the 3rd from the A why do you have to do that if
    you’re not using the 3rd finger?? I know that’s how the sheet music its
    written but I don’t understand the point of it, an somebody explain?

  11. One correction: the middle of piece is in D major, not D minor. The
    beginning and end are in G major.

  12. Thank you for sharing!!! Great tutorial!!! Greetings from México.

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