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Suzuki Book 1 Violin – Perpetual Motion



Suzuki Violin Book 1

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鈴木小提琴 1
suzuki violin book 1 perpetual motion
鈴木 小提琴教本 第一冊 常動曲
스즈키바이올린1권 무궁동가장조
鈴木メソード バイオリン教本一巻無窮動

Please watch: “Star Wars | Main Theme | Violin Cover”



  1. observen que cuando toca mueve mucho su cuerpo hacia los lados, se
    evidencia mas cuando toca las corcheas en 2/4 , el movimiento del brazo le
    provoca tambalear su cuerpo hacia los lados y eso no esta bien mmm.. no es
    muy estetico aparte , ehm sin embargo interpreta bien la musikita.

  2. Thank you for this! It helped me keep beat on the song. My teacher told me
    that I tend to rush. Oops. Thanks, also she wanted me to do a round with
    another classmate on this one and you helped me practice for that. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing this, it has been fun playing this song. I have
    corrected my mistakes by playing together with this video. (^_^)/

  4. thank you very much, you help me during practice at home

  5. so glad I stumbled onto you!! I inherited a lovely 1926 fiddle from my
    grandmother. I took lessons 30 years ago and I never felt like anything
    sounded good. always sounded like a screeching cat! and I can’t stand to
    be off key! anyway, started lessons again. love new teacher as she really
    has focused on technique! I had to quit for summer and then found you.
    your videos have gotten me almost thru song 8 in first Suzuki book and
    although not perfect, it actually sounds decent. I am thrilled. this
    violin means history and family and I love music. I am a big fan in a
    short time! thank u!

  6. None stop.. I’m working on this song now.. Short bowing.. But B oh.. Um
    yeah never gonna make it

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