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Suzuki Book 3 Violin – Gavotte – Martini


Play-through video so you can practice playing through the sections slowly or the whole piece at a regular speed. Close your music and play from memory – you’ll hear if you’ve made a memory mistake. Play-through of the whole piece at regular speed is at 10:35.

This piece is like a six-layer cake with five different sorts of frosting between the cake layers. The cake part is the theme, which comes six times. The bits in-between are different each time and I’m calling them “fillings” (because I can’t think of a better term!). I did the slow play-throughs in segments so you can repeatedly work on them individually: Theme, slowly, at 1:10, moderate at 1:55. Filling “A” – Bar 8 – slow at 2:28, moderate at 3:14. Filling “B” slow at 3:56, moderate at 4:38. Filling “C” – bar 40 – slow at 5:20, moderate at 6:09. Filling “B1” – Bar 56 – slow at 7:10, moderate at 7:50. Filling “D” – Bar 72 – slow at 8:40, moderate at 9:32.


  1. what happened to your flesch chinrest? did u not feel comfortable with it?
    I noticed you use shoulder rest now, what shoulder rest do you use? 

  2. Thank you for your clips at book three. My son´s lesson is just 20 minutes
    long, so your clip is priceless!!! You have teached me to play the violin,
    and helped my son to keep up with more privilged students! Thank you. Thank
    you! From a very proud swedish “suzukimum”.

  3. This is my solo for district contest >.< It helped so much thank you for posting the video. You're an awesome teacher ^.^

  4. I appreciate you online lessons. It help me confirm what i know plu enhnces
    my skill level. Thank you for helping me improve my confidence.

  5. You are the most adorable teacher ever. I imagine you would be very gentle
    and encouraging too 🙂 thanks for making this video!

  6. Hello Allyson! I´m a bit worried: Have you sopped making clips from the
    Suzukibooks? I´m depending in you!!!!! You have taught me to play the
    violin, and made me to a successfull “suzukimum” My son (and I) is the end
    of suzukibook 3 (thanks to you) and I cant see any clips from book 4. My
    sons lesson is still only 20 minutes and we talk about our “Alysson” for
    beeing so successfull. Yor dos have to grow up! Please where are you! From
    your biggest fan ever; The “Swedish Suzukimum”

  7. I just graduated high school & I needed practice! Lately, I have been
    practicing this piece as my audition piece for my college’s orchestra. I
    got on YouTube just to hear what it sound like and instead I found you! You
    gave me a mini lesson on the whole song and broke it down into section,
    which is something I was kind of trying to do but just wasn’t figuring out.
    Thank you for taking your time out to make this video. You really gave me
    confidence that I can really play this song well. =) 

  8. After I stopped from my violin course in my elementary school, I was trying
    to find the best way to learn violin again, and thank you very much for
    your lesson, It more easy to learn with you I think.. thanks thanks thanks

  9. or favor !!! en castellano o subtitulo , es perfecta la explicación aun no
    entendiendo el idioma …si lo entiendo sera aun mejor !! muchas gracias ,
    saludos desde Argentina !! 🙂 

  10. you have helped me for so long ever scince i started basicly i really think
    you should continue to do this. thank you

  11. that is actually so helpful. i wish I could see your fingers on the left
    hand, due to camera angle i can’t always see your fingering 

  12. Thanks so much! After about a years worth of lessons, I’m trying to teach
    myself violin so I can play along with my daughter on cello. This
    methodical video is very helpful!

  13. Hi Allyson, thanks for teaching over YouTube. We are missionaries in South
    Africa and have not found a violin teacher near us; thus, we watch your
    videos to continue our learning. Thanks again.

  14. Dear Allyson, You’ve been my companion through the entire Suzuki Vol 2 and
    now Vol 3. I love the way you break it down into teaching and play through
    videos. It helps me to work on both my bowing and my intonation. Thank you!

  15. Wonderful wonderful video’s!! By far the best I’ve find on youtube. Thank
    you so much for your time!

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