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Suzuki Book 2 Violin – Bourree


Slow play-through (0:44) so you can play along while you’re learning the piece. Followed by quicker play-through at 3:41 for once you know the notes well. Play this by memory! You don’t really know your piece if you can’t play it by heart, and practicing with a video clip will help you get all the notes and bowings right. (Warning…… – I’m reading off a really old Suzuki edition, there might actually be one or two differences in bowing!!).

Tune your violin up and have fun.


  1. Your videos are so very helpful for students like myself. You are my go-to
    for all of the suzuki material. Thanks for doing this!!

  2. Hi, thanks for the wonderful videos!!! I am working on Gavotte by Lully
    but, I forgot most of Bouree by Handel. I love your videos! keep on making
    P.S. My mom has been having problems with vibrato.
    Can you please make a vídeo to help her? I think you are a wonderful
    teacher and I hope to hear from you.!

  3. I am the first chair in the 7th grade orchrastra at my school and this is
    my solo thank you for helping me with style and practice on this song 

  4. Thank you! I always get overwhelmed by busy sheet music, so it really helps
    to listen and follow ^_^

  5. ขอบคุณนะครับ from Thailand ^ ^

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