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Suzuki Book 2 Violin – Minuet – Boccherini


Regular speed play-through (0:35) with all repeats (no repeats when you return to the first part on the D.C. – da capo) – followed by a slow play-through (4:40) with no repeats for when you’re still learning the parts. I think I sped up a bit on the regular speed play-through – watch out! If you have questions about how to play certain spots, look for my practice video of this piece (playlist: Suzuki book 2 on my channel).


  1. love your videos and the way you play! i’m finishing book 2 and it’s been
    really helpful to watch you play. Your Trill is awesome! congrats

  2. I’m auditioning for a group in January, and this video really helped me get
    the tune/tempo of the piece down! Thank you, and you play beautifully!

  3. I enjoy all your lessons of book 2 and battle the first 4 pieces; however
    with your help I will succeed soon and move on to the next piece No.5.
    You are wonderful.

  4. I was having a little trouble with this song, and my concert was right
    around the corner, when I found this super helpful video. Thanks a bunch!

  5. My daughter practices with you all the time. She loves how you teach and
    it is the next best thing to having mom there every time. Thank you from
    both of us!!

  6. Thank You very much for making this video it helped me Remember how to play
    this for a concert. Beautiful playing too!

  7. Thank you so much! I’m competing with this as a solo later this year and
    this really helped!!!!

  8. I’ve been following you… learning along 🙂
    you see, I’ve just started my formal violin training, and at Suzuki Grade
    2, this piece. thanks for taking time out… must be a lot of effort. bless

  9. Very helpful! I’m actually an accompanist for Suzuki group lessons so this
    helps me practice! Thank you!

  10. I’m still on Hunter’s Chorus in Suzuki book 2, and that was beautiful!
    Maybe your video can help me in the future.

  11. Gràcias por tus videos,son de una gran ayuda para mi (Thanks for your
    videos are a great help for me)

  12. This was very helpful I was stuck at that piece for 1 month now I finished
    this piece! Thanks Allyson it was very helpful.

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