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Suzuki Book 2 Violin – Minuet In G -Beethoven


Too fast? Slow practice here:

Suzuki Violin Book 2 – 12. Boccherini: Minuet
Kevin Yen, Violin with Accompaniment CD from the Suzuki Violin Book 2.

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  1. i love to use your songs for doing my home work and it helps me concentrate

  2. I always listen to your videos. I get a really hard time on this song, so I
    listen to your videos all the time.

  3. I really enjoyed this performance . in the second section you give meaning
    to the notes even when there are repeated notes that another player , me
    for example , might just rush through . Cool , thanks .

  4. Well done! Just for you to know: your videos are helping me SO much!! Thank

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