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Suzuki Book 2 Violin – The Two Grenadiers


Slow first, quicker play-through at 3:23. This clip is so that you can practice playing through the Two Grenadiers. You should also use this to practice doing “air-bowing” so that you get to know the bowings really well and can then move on to play by memory. Also practice “air-fingering” or “finger pops” – just practice all the patterns that you can separate out from actually playing the instrument. Then when you go back to playing, the left hand already knows what to do as does the right hand. That’s when it gets easy!


  1. I’m a teacher – I play slowly so people learning can play along. If you
    have mastered this and want to play quickly, try playing along with the
    Suzuki cds.

  2. Finally, I’ve managed to crack 1:20 section with your help! Thanks! *slowly
    loving stop bows

  3. Keep a relaxed bow hold, and land the circle close to the frog. It’s just
    about impossible to control the bouncing if you land at the middle or

  4. Thanks so much Allyson. This is my solo for my school. I am so happy you
    can help me find out how i can actually do this the correct way and i was
    surprised at the beginning when you took your fingers off the violin and it
    made the strings vibrate. It happens to me all the time. I was relieved i
    wasn’t the only one. I was wondering if there was a way to prevent that
    while i am doing my solo for the judge. Any suggestions? 

  5. Well, if your fingers are stopping the strings, lift them up slowly rather
    than quickly, and there will be very little sound. But I wouldn’t worry
    about it – it’s not considered to be a faux pas. :-)

  6. Wow!! It sounds beautiful! Thank u too! I spent many hours practicing and
    crying and when I watched it totally helped! Thanks!

  7. I am learning this song with my violin instructor and your videos are so
    helpful for practicing between each lesson. Thanks so much!

  8. Really helpful! Worked through the bowing with my daughter…..fantastic!
    Thanks :)

  9. Hello Could You please Tell me the temps of the second Time ? I cas follow
    You but would like to practice with the Metronom in the same Time.., Thanks
    a lot..

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