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Suzuki Book 4 Violin – Concerto No. 5, 1st Mvt – Allegro Moderato – Seitz


Nicolette Kawat on violin perform Concerto No. 5, 1st Movement by F. Seitz


  1. you are the Go To person for this song for my son who is studying violin.
    good job!

  2. I have to play this song at a solo and ensemble contest it’s super easy and
    I’m in 8th grade

  3. This is just what I needed! Nicolette was awesome at playing the violin!
    She is really amazing and I hope I will play like her. Her position was
    good and how she used her bow was great. The sound she made was beautiful.
    I like it! 

  4. Great job! I would hold the violin up higher to let gravity be the main
    force pulling the bow down to the strings. Also, enhance and emphasize the
    dynamics. Other wise, good!

  5. Try to imitate the kind of dynamics and emotion of when you sing it or hum
    it. Follow the advice from Vengerov!

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