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Suzuki Book 4 Violin – Lullaby – Brahms


074 sori1004jy Jiyoun Kim Electric Violinist


  1. 언니~^^
    지윤언니 연주 늘 잘 듣고 있어요~
    저도 이제 4권 들어왔는데
    열심히 연습해서 언니처럼 훌륭한 연주하고 싶어요~~~♡

  2. 지연언니~지윤언니라고 해서 죄송해요~
    저는 4학년 김 설이예요~♡

  3. Beautiful, I sometimes hum these songs when I am not paying attention in
    the classroom, getting my teacher all driven crazily.

  4. Good! Don’t move around so much and pay more attention to the expression
    marks. You play everything a mezzo forte. There should be more contrast of
    color in your playing.

  5. You have a single approach to everything you play. Your vibrato or sound
    doesn’t change much when you play a dance form or when you have a more
    serious lyric passage. You have to look beyond just playing the notes. 

  6. OK Morris Nieberger, let’s hear your stuff, since your so good at focusing
    only on analysing others apparent faults (in your opinion, but we know
    about opinions don’t we, they’re like …….. everyone’s got one ). oh, I
    see you don’t have any thing posted.

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