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Suzuki Book 6 Violin – La Folia – Corelli


Brian Leung played La Folia at Queens College, CPSM String Recital in May, 2011. Brian has been learning violin since 2007.


  1. im learning this song right know. i can only play like 10 notes of it (over

  2. awesome i just finished this song at age 11! you are a little young to be
    playing this song 

  3. omg, I must suck soo bad I can barley play past the 4th line, and it sounds
    awful but a little boy plating this just makes it all the worst

  4. Awesome!! Work for better intonation in some parts. Not sure if it’s the
    camera angle or the lighting, but that accompanist looks kinda
    condescending tho :P

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