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Suzuki Book 8 Violin – Largo Espressivo – Pugnani


“Esta recogido actualmente en libros y grabaciones para piano, viola, flauta traversa, flauta dulce, violonchelo, arpa, violin, contrabajo y canto.
Es un método más orientado a niños pero muy bueno también para adultos que quieren empezar a aprender a tocar uno de estos instrumentos.”


  1. I just started learning this.. I’m going to re-play this over and over
    again until I memorize it.. I’m just not doing as well as I thought I would

  2. that may just be because of your way of working on it. If you just play it
    over and over again, you will most likely not improve it (although you’ll
    be learning it by heart) Moreover, doing that may very well lesser the
    quality of your play, making you devellop bad habits. I talk from long
    years of experience. Work with your head, not with your fingers :)

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